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Three trends of flex rigid PCB you should know

Flex rigid PCB, or named rigid flex PCB. Its combination of rigid and flexible PCB, the circuits are connected with rigid PCB and flexible PCB. Most important is that flex rigid PCB can provide good reliability as rigid PCB, also have very flexible performance. This paper will discuss something related to flex rigid PCB. Flex […]

Two common sense of PCB quotes would be ignore

This post Angel want to discuss two points related to PCB quotes. If you are a rich experience in purchasing PCB board from China or your current PCB suppliers, please read 4MCPCB others articles due to this part’s content was focussed introduce basic. Relation ship with PCB quotes supplier The first factor is the relationship […]

Why purchasers choose PCB online quote from China

More and more purchasers choose PCB online quote from China. This post angel wants to discuss some factors related to PCB online quote China. If you have employed in some us or Europe electronic companies, you may be required to quote your new PCB project from a Chinese company. Leading PCB industry manufacturer located China […]

The types of Bates PCB Quotes Payment introduce

The types of Bates PCB Quotes Payment Angel has introduced many articles about PCB online quote, if you have interesting please go back to reading. Today we are going to discuss the types of bates PCB quotes payment. The method of PCB quotes payment Now the methods of payment have become more and more. Some […]

The secret of cheap PCB online quote you should know

We have introduced many articles about PCB online quote topic. Most of those were discussed how to choose a right PCB online quote manufacturer. This post is going to discuss the secret of cheap PCB online quote. If you have tried some PCB online quote, you will find there were many PCB manufacturers. Most of […]

Why is PCB fabrication online quote become so popular?

PCB fabrication industry is developing, more and more new technology used for this area. Internet website technology may the most widely used during recent years. PCB fabrication online quote has faster response than traditional PCB quote method. It’s possible to get all PCB suppliers in just one or few days. The second factor is the […]

How to online quote PCB from India?

Now India and China is top 2 developing countries in the world. Angel have introduced many articles about China online PCB quote industry. If you have searched online PCB quote service on the internet, you will find India also has the big count of PCB manufacturers. But how about the online PCB quotes India? So […]

Some tips of PCB assembly quote from china

Now more and more purchase have noticed the PCB manufacturers have become develop very fast. And most of PCB assembly also service from those PCB companies. Today Angel will introduce the tips of PCB assembly quote China. First of all ensured the PCB assembly service from China is the right option. Because some of PCB […]

Some factors of high current PCB you should know

Recently there were some friends to ask some questions about high current PCB. In fact, this is a special PCB type, and there were few PCB manufacturers can provide one-stop solution. And most of PCB guys don’t have correct knowledge about high current PCB board. So this post will focus on this topic. The theory […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 6]

Previous post, we have introduced many tips on LED PCB board design. This post we are going to discuss LED PCB board tip. Did you know the tip of the Unit during your LED PCB board design? If you communicate with other companies like PCB manufacturers or PCB designer companies, you must consider the unit […]