Some tips of PCB assembly quote from china

Now more and more purchase have noticed the PCB manufacturers have become develop very fast.
And most of PCB assembly also service from those PCB companies.
Today Angel will introduce the tips of PCB assembly quote China.

First of all ensured the PCB assembly service from China is the right option.

Because some of PCB manufacturers have a cheap PCB board option but very expensive PCB assembly service charge.
If you have met those PCB assembly companies, you must pay more attention.
So the key point of this issue is conform every charge of PCB supplier before you place your order.

Secondly, is the component purchase issue.

Most time you can purchase components during your PCB assembly project.
But some of the PCB assembly quote from China, don’t allow you charge those components by yourself.
One of the reasons is that they can provide high quality PCB components.
If you have accepted those options, you may pay more money for your PCB assembly components.
Some tips of PCB assembly quote from china