Do you know the difference between Flexible circuits and Rigid-flex PCB?

What is Flexible circuits?

Flexible circuits are members of electronic and interconnection family. They consist of a thin insulating polymer film having conductive circuit patterns affixed thereto and typically supplied with a thin polymer coating to protect the conductor circuits. source: Wikipedia

Do you know the difference between Flexible circuits and Rigid-flex PCB?

Flexible circuits Vs Rigid-flex PCB

Flexible circuits
As the name suggests, flexible PCBs are flexible, and they can be folded or bent to some extent. They are made from plastic materials such as polyimide, which adds elastic properties to the PCB. Flexible PCBs establish electrical circuits while efficiently managing mechanical challenges. They are widely used in medical, military, and industrial applications.

Rigid-flex PCB
Rigid-flex PCBs are a combination of rigid and flexible PCBs. The combination enables the development of mechanically challenging designs. Rigid-flex PCBs can replace an older, more traditional combination of rigid PCBs, connectors, and cables. As the mechanical connections are reduced, the overall efficiency of electrical contacts is enhanced, and the flexible part protects the circuit from mechanical hazards.

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