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Do you know the difference between Flexible circuits and Rigid-flex PCB?

What is Flexible circuits? Flexible circuits are members of electronic and interconnection family. They consist of a thin insulating polymer film having conductive circuit patterns affixed thereto and typically supplied with a thin polymer coating to protect the conductor circuits. source: Wikipedia Flexible circuits Vs Rigid-flex PCB Flexible circuitsAs the name suggests, flexible PCBs are […]

Flexible PCB Manufacturers in Germany

Howby, we are going to discuss Flexible PCB Manufacturers in Germany. If you have any question about Germany Flexible PCB Manufacturers. Please comment below, we will response as soon as posible. 5 Flexible PCB Manufacturers in Germany GmbH. Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen Andus Electronic Gmbh. Germany, Berlin EES European Electronics Systems. Germany, Hesse Elekonta Marek GmbH […]

Flex PCB act as a strong and reliable core to fitness devices Industry

Today we will discuss how flex PCB impact fitness devices Industry. If you have any flex PCB board question, please do not hesitate to contact us. What is Fitness devices Industry Fitness devices provided by companies like Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and Jawbone lead the pack with useful functions that include step counting, sleep tracking and […]

The Advantage of Differ Flex PCB Standard

This post we are going to discuss the standards of flex PCB. We will combine the advantage from differ flex PCB types and rigid-flex PCB, from the PCB standard engineer eyes. So, please go deep read to know The Advantage of Differ Flex PCB Standard. If you want to learn more PCB standard, please go […]

Rigid-flexible PCBs Design Cost Introduce

Rigid-flex PCB Designer Introduce Cost We have introduced Rigid-flex PCB Cost comparison of design. Most of the time we just consider the price of Rigid-flexible PCBs design. This post we will discuss how Rigid-flex PCB Designers thoughts. Why Rigid-flexible PCBs design always be more expensive? You are merging multiple boards into one design, only one […]

Simple discussion: the advantage of rigid-flexible PCB

Simple Introduce the advantage of rigid-flexible PCB We have introduced many advantages of rigid-flexible PCB. Today we just simply introduce again. The transition to a rigid-flex design from the traditional approach of using cable assemblies to join two or more PCB’s has obvious benefits – space, weight, packaging, reliability and increased current carrying capabilities Are […]

You should know The trend of flexible PCB manufacture equipment

You should know The trend of flexible PCB manufacture equipment

This post will focus on The trend of flexible PCB manufacture equipment. If you have placed a visit to flexible PCB manufacture equipment factory, you may find that most of those equipments are becoming smarter than before. And in year the exhibit, few of flexible PCB manufacture equipment factory show new equipments related to photolithography […]

How is through-hole etch-back of flex PCB created?

How is through-hole etch-back of flex PCB created?

Two differ flex PCB impact through-hole etch-back If you have read our articles about flex PCB board, you may find that its have very complex process. This part we will discuss how is through-hole etch-back created. Yes, most of those steps like normal metal core PCB etch process. And there were many others different from […]

Simple Introduce of Through-hole Etch-back Technology of Rigid-flex PCB

Why need Through-hole etch-back? As we know there are more and more smart device, and more smaller. In other hand, require high end PCB board. And more of the time those devices require flex PCB or rigid-flex PCB. Some of China flex-rigid PCB factories have developed through-hole etch-back technology to meet high end requirement. Top […]

Double-sided flexible PCB construction discusses

How to design awesome double sided flexible PCB construction

The biggest difference of double sided flexible PCB As we know more of a PCB board definition by its layers, especially copper layer number. Yes, Double sided flexible PCB has two copper plane layers. And those two copper plane layers always printed line in flexible PCB. That’s the reason why one of the copper plane […]