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Flex PCB act as a strong and reliable core to fitness devices Industry

Today we will discuss how flex PCB impact fitness devices Industry. If you have any flex PCB board question, please do not hesitate to contact us. What is Fitness devices Industry Fitness devices provided by companies like Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit and Jawbone lead the pack with useful functions that include step counting, sleep tracking and […]

LED strobe circuit has good market share

This view have more and more LED PCB people accept. In fact, not only LED PCB industry, but also the other electronic industry people know that. This post will discuss the LED strobe circuit kit topic. First of all you should learn why LED strobe circuit has more and more popular. The background of LED […]

Don’t ignore two secrets of your led PCB supplier

This post is discussing something about LED PCB supplier. All purchasers want to choose the best source to buy printed circuit boards (PCBs) supplier. Standard of LED PCB supplier PCB standards or PCB certification were so important to PCB boards. If you want to choose an ideally LED PCB supplier to make sure below: Every […]

The Plastic and Metal LED PCB panel introducing

You know the technical develop very faster than yesterday. This fast speed of development also match the LED PCB panel. Today Jimmy wants to introduce two types of LED PCB panel. The Plastic LED PCB panel and the Metal LED PCB panel. The Plastic LED PCB panel introducing Plastic panel mount LED indicators with a […]

How to write a perfect product specification for the LED PCB Module?

Today Jimmy wants to discuss the product specification for the LED PCB module. Most people may know the product specification, but how to write a perfect one. This post will introduce Six parts of product specifications for the LED PCB Module below: Descriptions: Features: Application: Product Picture: Typical Performance: Product Dimensions: Descriptions for the LED […]

Why so many LED PCB manufacturers in China?

If you have a research LED PCB manufacturers in China, you must find the amount of its increase very very fast. This post will discuss some factors of LED PCB manufacturers high speed developing. The background of LED PCB manufacturers high speed developing You know the economy of China has increased very fast in past […]