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Top 6 New common senses when chooses a PCB base material

Printed Circuit Board material also named as PCB material. We have introduce FR-4 PCB base material articles, feel free to click the link to learn more detail. This post will discuss other common sense about PCB material. If you have any question, please contact us. Each PCB material has its unique qualities, benefits, and shortcomings […]

Three useful suggestions when purchase high quality PCB

Consider Material factor when purchase high quality PCB If you have visited a Metal Core PCB plant, and ask sale why so high price they produce. The answer almost some, it’s due to our company use high performance PCB material. The materials used to make PCBs are very important. Usually the PCB material is the […]

You should know Purchase High Quality PCB guideline

Why we should discuss Purchase High Quality PCB guideline? Now we have used more and more smart devices, like phone, tablet, and so on. Most important is that those electronic smart devices price become cheaper than before. This situation require smaller and more layers PCB, we also named multilayer PCB board. Due to most consumer […]

Some factors related to PCB assembly quote calculator

The single side flexible circuits introducing This paper we will discuss Some factors related to PCB assembly quote calculator. Even though the single side flexible circuits is not very widely. Resulting in most PCB purchases don’t know this type PCB. So Angel wants to introduce the detail introduction about single side flexible PCB assembly quote […]

Flex PCB online quotes different with Rigid PCB’s

We have shared the articles Some common sense related to flexible PCB quote. If you have an interest to know common sense, please go back to reading. Today we are going to discuss flex PCB online quote. The flex PCB board is very special type, not only use different PCB material in manufacturing, but also […]

The Plastic and Metal LED PCB panel introducing

You know the technical develop very faster than yesterday. This fast speed of development also match the LED PCB panel. Today Jimmy wants to introduce two types of LED PCB panel. The Plastic LED PCB panel and the Metal LED PCB panel. The Plastic LED PCB panel introducing Plastic panel mount LED indicators with a […]

Some features of LED Circuit Board Tail Lights

Some things before: LED circuit board tail lights is new technology for most develop country. This post is focus on why use LED circuit board produce car tail lights. First of all, jim not the expert of car PCB assembly quote, just discussion some the about the car tail lights. So if there were any […]