Top 6 New common senses when chooses a PCB base material

Printed Circuit Board material also named as PCB material.

We have introduce FR-4 PCB base material articles, feel free to click the link to learn more detail.
This post will discuss other common sense about PCB material.
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Each PCB material has its unique qualities, benefits, and shortcomings

PCB materials have many types, some PCB material uses very widely, like FR-4 PCB base material.
But some PCB material type uses very few areas.
This is not Emma wanting to introduce, even not every PCB material, should introduce, but each PCB material with unique qualities, benefits, and shortcomings.
That is the reason why we discuss the PCB material in this post.

The benefits of flexible PCB material

Flexible PCB also named FPCB or FPC, and widely use smart devices, due to use, flexible PCB material have great flexible performance.
This feature is unlike rigid PCB board, flexible PCB material have offer key properties.

The applications not the first factor when chooses PCB material

You might know most PCB designers will consider the PCB board application when choose PCB material.
Yes, it’s really the effect factor, but not the No.1 factor.
Because even though you consider some advantages to this case application, but it might not normally be used.
So Emma thinks the first factor to choose PCB material is performed, it’s PCB function.

High frequency PCB base material not only application wireless communications

HDI PCB board material normally used for radio frequency printed circuit board.
Those applications include wireless communications products, like wifi products.
In fact, some company also uses those high frequency PCB base material applications some low frequency areas.
Those products like control and monitoring application, due to get better than twice the thermal conventional FR-4 PCB board.

Ceramic PCB base material also use some communications products

You may confuse when you first read this sub title, the common sense is differ PCB material have difference applications.
Yes, we want to discuss some special or complex communications products, it’s really need ceramic PCB base material.
Thost products like high power divider module.
The choice of a ceramic filled material provide greatly enhanced heat flow performance.
If you don’t use ceramic PCB base material to produce, it’s hardly to achive so great heat flow performance RF PCB board.
Top 6 New common senses when chooses a PCB base material