Top 3 reasons resulting mass production PCB assembly cost so expensive

Why your mass production PCB assembly cost so expensive?

I have known some friends choose cheapest PCB, but spend expensive in mass production PCBA case.
And ask me why resulting in this situation.
If you have read our articles, you must find the cost breakdown of 2 layer PCB is differ from multilayer PCB.
To be honest, there were many factors related to mass production cost.

Frist reason is the FR-4 PCB base material difference.

Cheap price prototype PCB board, mostly use low cost FR-4 PCB base material.
Due to prototype PCB just trial order, and the price usually very cheap.
And didn’t consider reliability and life time, men consider PCB performance.

This situation will be increased cost in mass production PCB.
Especially in some multilayer PCB mass production process, the cost many increase by around 10 percent.

Second is TG and TCE are resulting expensive assembly cost in mass production PCB

We have discussed two definitions in article TG vs TCE.
TG and TCE are the most important parameters related multilayer PCB assembly.
Low quality FR-4 PCB base material produces lower TG board or higher TCE board, even both lower TG PCB and higher TCE PCB board.
Most of time, the mass production assembly process must consider two factors in advance.
If you just use prototype PCB material to manufacture, there were many troubles in next.

Thirdly mass production assembly PCB plant has some problems.

The last reason is just listed in this post, not all assembly, PCB plants have this situation.
But if you just choose a PCB supplier by price, you will get this trouble.
So even the cost of the PCBs is reduced, the price for the final products may not be reduced.
Top 3 reasons resulting mass production PCB assembly cost so expensive

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