Do you know the right way to handle the excessive and unused PCBA components?

Why discuss the secret of PCBA industry?

PCBA components are the main issue in PCB assembly orders.
Most small PCBA companies don’t want to customers know this.
It’s different in 4MCPCB operate process, we want all customers clear every PCBA manufacturing step.
Yes, this paper also shows some secret of the PCBA, regarding to the excessive and unused PCBA components.

The reason why generate the excessive and unused parts

This is a complex PCBA issue, and related many factors.
The main reasons are two, one if customer forecasts of PCBA order.
If customers give a wrong number of forecasts, it’s must generate some excessive and unsued PCBA components.
Then is due to PCBA supplier side.
To ensure 100 percent PCBA quality, most of PCBA plants will purchase more component to avoid fail testing.

Two options to handle the excessive and unused PCBA components

The excessive PCBA components situation also occurs in 4MCPCB orders.
The first solution for unused PCBA components is sent to you.
Advise our service PCBA engineer that you want shipped back these unused PCBA components with the loaded boards.
Or you may through freight collect.
Then keep those excessive PCBA components in 4MCPCB shelf for your next order.
Our PCBA engineers recommended this way to handle excessive and unused PCBA components.

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