PCBA service FAQ – Frequently asked questions

PCBA service Frequently asked questions

As a cost-effective PCBA service provider, delivering high quality PCB over the world.
There were some purchases don’t much about PCBA service, special some complex PCBA projects.
To help those guys, and some new guys, 4MCPCB expert have summary some PCBA service FAQ.

How to use those PCBA FAQ?

Regarding PCBA service FAQ, we want to more engineers to know PCBA process.
Due to we are answering questions from around the world on the daily basis concerning their PCB and assembly business.
In other words, we may know what you are thinking and confusing.
Most importantly, we can handle most common errors during the PCBA projects.


We know there are so many new questions about PCBA.
If you have any other PCBA questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  9. PCBA service FAQ – Frequently asked questions
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