4MCPCB experts recommend base solderabiltiy introduction

The reason why discuss base solderability

This paper Emma wants to discuss base solderability.
This is a very simple PCB glossary, but also have some PCB guys don’t know.
In fact, this is the ignore point during flexible PCB board purchase process.
So 4MCPCB want to learn more PCB purchasers know and clear base solderability.

The purpose of base solderability

Two evaluations base solderability is very important for PCBA (printed circuit board assembly).
Solderability evaluations are made to verify the components will meet the requirements of the standards and determine that storage has no adverse effect on the ability to solder components to boards.

The definition of Base Solderability

In fact, this definition not only toward to PCB board, but is also used in other electronic areas.
The ease with which a metal or metal alloy surface can be wetted by molten solder under minimum realistic conditions.

How to measure base solderability?

4MCPCB experts have summary the measure base solderability.
Solder Ability = the ability of an item to be soldered
With a through hole lead, the solder would wick up into the pot.
4MCPCB experts recommend base solderabiltiy introduction

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