Do you know Bed-of-Nail?

4MCPCB experts introduce Bed-of-Nails

The simple says Bed-of-Nails is a method of PCB testing.
Different with probe testing method, this method tool involving a fixture containing a field of spring-loaded pins.
Bed-of-Nails have a unique feature below.
And the spring-loaded pins are co-ordinated with strategic points or nodes on the board.
The strategic points or nodes are brought into contact.

Bed-of-Nail is a traditional electronic test fixture

There were numerous pins inserted into holes in an epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated sheet.
Those inserted pins are aligned using tooling pins to make contact with test points on a printed circuit board.
Then also connected to a measuring unit by wires.

The working theory of Bed-of-Nail

The Bed-of-Nail have an array of small spring-leaded pogo pins.
And each pogo pin makes contact with one node in the circuitry of the Device under test.
Then pressing the DUT down against the bed of nails, reliable contact can be quickly and simultaneously made with hundreds or even thousand of individual test points within the circuitry of the DUT.