Basics raw material of rigid or flexible PCB

Why we should know Basics raw material of rigid or flexible PCB?

In this paper, we are going to discuss three topics about the basic raw material.
If you have read our share about Barrel V.S Base Copper, you may find the raw material has many common senses should know.
You also can read this basic raw material or rigid of flexible PCB as additional content.

The definition of Base Laminate

Similar to base copper, base laminate is a basic raw material to rigid PCB or flexible PCB too.
The definition of base laminate is below:
The substrate material upon which the conductive wiring pattern may be formed.

Do you know Base Material?

In some small PCB plant, some older engineers also called as insulating material.
In fact, this called method not very exact.
Because the base material includes base copper raw material, and the copper foils bonded on one or both sides.

So, it is a synonym for copper-clad laminate, like the basic raw material for PCB manufacture.
Base material can used or rigid PCB manufacturing, also can used to flexible PCB board.
By the way the base material also supports all components after assembly.

Base Material Thickness depends on differing brand

Here is the definition of base material thickness.
The thickness of the base material, excluding metal foil or material deposited on the surface.
From this definition, we have known base material thickness is equal to the raw basic material.
If you have learned some brands of base material, you also find that the base material thickness are not some.
So the exact base material thickness depends on differing brand.