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We provides low cost & high quality Multi-layer Flexible Printed circuit board(PCB), Wholesale Flex PCB: smith # 4mcpcb.com.

IPC Standards for Flexible PCBs

IPC Flex Boards Standards for Design and Fabrication. Common Flex and Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board Design Guidelines

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Single-Sided Flex PCB

IPC 6013 Type 1

  • Flexible bending
  • Numerous bending cycles
  • Cost effective for start up
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Double-Sided Flex PCB

IPC 6013 Type 2

  • More flexible in design
  • Space saving
  • Double-sided soldering
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Multilayer Flexible PCB

IPC 6013 Type 3

  • Enables more compact package
  • More flexible in 3D designs
  • PTH, blind and buried vias.
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Rigid-Flex PCB Board

IPC 6013 Type 4

  • Improved design freedom
  • HDI micro-via
  • Cost-saving alternative to multilayer Flex PCB
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Flexible PCB Applications

Flexible circuits and their board types are often used when reliability and maximum adaptability are needed.

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