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From sales to engineering, 4MCPCB's entire team strives to save you time, money, AND peace of mind. Competitive PCB prices are always standard.

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Reliability means everything to our customers, and we do everything to ensure our PCBs meet the highest quality standards.

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We strive to deliver on-time, every time. When you need high quality PCBs fast, choose 4MCPCB for 1-4 day production times.

IPC Standards of FCB

IPC 6013 Type 1 – Single-Sided Flex PCB
> Flexible
> Numerous bending cycles
> Cost effective

IPC 6013 Type 2 – Double-Sided Flex PCB
> More flexible in design
> Space saving
> Double-sided soldering

IPC 6013 Type 3 – Multilayer Flex PCB
> Enables more compact package
> More flexible in 3D designs with PTH, blind and buried vias.

IPC 6013 Type 4 – Rigid-Flex PCB
Provides reliable 3D circuitry application with stable platform for stiffeners, components, heat streaks, flex pcb pins and etc.
Increased reliability, better signal integrity, noise reduction , impedance control.
Reduces mechanical space and device weight.
> Improved design freedom
> HDI micro-via
> Cost-saving alternative to multilayer Flex Printed Circuits

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