what is multilayer PCB board?

One-sentence summary: what is multilayer PCB board

Multilayer PCB board is a printed circuit board (PCB) that has more than two layers.

David will from two important point to introduce what is multilayer PCB board:
1,the benefits of multilayer PCB board

2,applications of mulilayer PCB board

Why more and more engineers choose Multilayer PCBs board?

There were many benefits of multilayer PCB board, with the technology developments, more and more engineers choose a multilayer PCB board for their new projects.
Here David want to list some benefits of multilayer PCB board.
Higher assembly density

Smaller size (considerable savings on space)

Increased flexibility

Easier incorporation controlled impedance features.

EMI shielding through careful placement of power and ground layers.

Reduces the need for interconnection wiring harnesses (reduces overall weight)

Applications of Multilayer PCB board

If you have read our article before, you may learn some multilayer PCB board applications in the automotive industry. David recommends you go back to have a look.
Here just list some of simple multilayer PCB applications in a vehicle:
Adaptive cruise control
Headway alert
Collision warning
Mitigation and brake support