AEC : Another automotive PCB standard introduce

Why introduce Another automotive PCB standard?

If you have read our TS 16949 Automotive PCB Standard Introduce, you may know TS16949 is very basic automobile PCB require. Some customers want to know more about the automotive PCB board, specially want to know more about the standard of automotive PCB board. So David wants to add introduce another automotive PCB standard. Any problems about automotive PCB standard feel free to contact us.

What is AEC automotive PCB standard?

The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) was originally established by Chrysler, Ford, and GM for the purpose of establishing common part-qualified and quality-system standards. Here is official

What were requires of AEC automotive PCB standard

The AEC automotive PCB standard is based in the USA, Automotive quality is governed by a set of various standards.
The AEC automotive PCB standard describes the tests and conditions electronic components have to satisfy before the automotive qualification can be pronounced.
The AEC automotive PCB standard is strictly governed the conditional of automotive parts, include automotive PCB board require.
Different grades are defined depending mainly on the operational temperature conditions.
AEC automotive PCB standard