All secrets of Metal core PCB Manufacturers

Why discuss secrets of Metal Core PCB manufacturers

There were many secrets in Metal Core PCB manufacturers.
Some were used by many traditional Metal Core PCB manufacturers workers.
But the rest were not, may relate to the price of Metal Core PCB and quality.
That’s the reason why David summary, this post.

Basic definition of Metal Core PCB manufacturer

Metal Core PCB, also called Metal Core Printed Circuit Board, MCPCB or thermal PCB, is circuit board that use metal material as the heat spreader portion of PCBs.
So MCPCB manufacturers were those produce MCPCB board, or provide MCPCB service company.

Applications of Metal core PCB

Metal Core PCB is widely used in the automotive industry.
Some applications in the vehicle were obvious, like car lighting application.
But the rest of used were not so obvious.
Here David has listed four Metal Core PCB application in a car:
System automotive LED PCB applications
Power converters
LED lighting applications
Hybrid/electric motor control applications

Above applications were just basic, but some of Metal Core PCB manufacturer sale don’t know.
Because most of Metal Core PCB manufacturers were just provide one or two PCB type, and didn’t use all applications.
Metal Core PCB manufacturers