Increase the market share of PCB for automotive

Increase the market share of PCB for automotive

Battery Electric Vehicle becomes more and more and resulting in increase requirements of vehicle PCB board.
And the requirements were a range of from prototypes to production and from simple to the most advanced technologies.

The features of PCB for automotive industry

Difference from rigid PCB use in automobiles, the PCB type use in automotive have increased.
The most automotive electronic designer will consider rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex printed circuit boards.
The main reason was harsh condition require high performance PCB for automotive and meet demanding electronic applications that can withstand high heat, speed and motion.
Not only the performance, but also require reliability increase.

Need more flexible PCB for the automotive industry

Now automotive has increased very fast, not only increase the count of automobiles, but also the new technologies.
And more and more new technological requirement new innovations and high performance flexible PCB board.
The automotive industry is constantly developing automobiles in order to strive for enhanced safety and superior technological abilities.
These constant innovations increase the need for rigid and flexible circuit boards to heighten the overall automobile experience for a customer.
That was the main reason more and more MCPCB manufacturers turn to produce flexible automotive PCB.
PCB for automotive