Top 3 factors when design PCB in automotive

PCB in automotive application becomes more complex

Now we have more and more smart devices, and requirement high performance multilayer PCB board.
PCB in automotive were once as simple as switches for headlights and windshield wipers.
Most PCB in automotive just after simple assembly can use.
And didn’t consider working with high-frequency signals at RF, microwave, and even millimeter-wave frequencies.
This situation will differ from before PCB in automotive design, more and more electronic model car has to consider more electronic factors.
Resulting to PCB in automotive application become more and more complex.

Security also a main factor during PCB in automotive industry

Now all components must approve E-mark if you sale your car to Europa.
Even automotive PCB board doesn’t contain in this list, the security factor also has to consider.
If you are a military fan(or itar PCB fan), you may know collision avoidance, blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control systems.
But now those functions were basics of automotive function, and require high performance PCB and automotive components.
That’s the reason why design a PCB board in automotive becomes more complex than before.

Comfortable is third factor when design PCB in automotive industry

Smart device makes our life more convenient, and electronic products become more and more small.
In automotive electronic also meet these changes, to make larger spaces for drivers and passengers.
In the other hand, comfortable also become more important.
For consumers, these advanced systems promise greater safety and an enhanced driving experience.
So when you design a PCB in the automotive industry, please consider the comfortable factor.
Top 3 factors when design PCB in automotive