The applications of Automotive PCB board

The automotive PCB market will Growing More Fast

Automotive PCB market is the fastest-growing field in the global PCB market.
Overall PCB market scaled of roughly USD 60.1 million in 2015, the growth of 0.8 percent from last year.
If you have to learn some news about the automotive industry, you will find there were many differences from other traditional electronic industry.
More and more new modal automotive manufacturer, like Tesla, Fisker and so on.
Their produce new electronic car depends on new technology, and use more electronic PCB board, normally we called automotive PCB board.
From above factor, David thinks Automotive PCB market will grow fast and sustain the momentum until at least 2019.

How to assembly PCB in automotive?

To introduce the assembly process is very complex, but we can discuss this question more simply, learn how many parts use fit in a car or the applications of automotive PCB board. In a car there were many parts use PCB board, and each parts proportion is David wants to discuss.

Powertrain automotive PCB has the biggest market

The title of this part may not very normal, due to there were few guys discuss automotive PCB market share.
In the automotive PCB field, Powertrain holds the largest proportion, about 32% for the time being, including mainly Engine Control Unit, Starter, Alternator, Transmission Control, Fuel Injection, and Power Steering.

Other applications of automotive PCB

The most requirement of automotive PCB were higher than the normal PCB board.
We have shared the automotive PCB standard TS 16949, this is a basic requirement of automotive PCB.
For dev, complexity, high voltage, high current and high temperature of Inverter and Converter pose extremely high requirements on the PCB.
Automotive PCB applications