Three common sense of Automotive PCB market 2017

Automotive PCB market also a future trend

There were many friends say the virtual reality industry is a future trend, but today David also wants to discuss one of the fastest growing segments within automotive technology is automotive PCB.
If you have noticed the increase count near by you live, you will agree with David’s opinion on the automotive PCB market also a future trend.

Most board from top 5 Automotive PCB manufacturers Produce

The Automotive PCB market is concentrated with the top five Automotive PCB manufacturers accounting close to half of the automotive PCB market.
Most of the top players are concentrated in Asian countries such as Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan. as a Automotive PCB players from China, We will continue to provide top automotive PCB to our global clients.

More complex in today automotive PCB market

First factor is the complex nature of the automotive industry, resulting in most PCB manufacturers have to face more and more complex automotive PCB board.
Some of the automotive PCB boards were never seen before, this mean most experience automotive PCB manufacturers were helpless, and must create new more complex automotive PCB.

The pressure on automotive PCB cost down

And the second factor is cost of Automotive PCB.
You know the speed of global have slower than before years, the most important reason was the cost have increased in the manufacturing process.
This also suits automotive PCB market, and there was another point related to cost of automotive PCB.
Constantly under high-cost restrictions and pressure from the OEMs, vehicle suppliers which forces PCB manufacturers to operate in strict margins and with little scope of operational inefficiencies.
Automotive PCB market 2017