Multi application for most automotive radar PCB

Automotive radar PCB: Multi application solution at same time

Today David has to introduce some things different from before, due to want to introduce automotive radar PCB more simple.
You know security is the first factor for all automotive components.
But sometimes this was again with small components and comfortable.
So multi-mode solution have created by automotive radar PCB design.

Detail Multi application list for most automotive radar PCB

The automotive radar PCB designer has considered the comfortable and the space of the car.
Most of them were designing an automotive radar PCB solution, and different designer has difference solution.
Here is one of the most multi application to automotive radar PCB.
Allows one radar to be used for multiple safety systems:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Headway alert
  • Collision warning
  • Mitigation and brake support
  • Question about automotive radar PCB

    Due to complex to the automotive radar PCB, David just list some of the common sense of it.
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