Top 5 common problems of repair multilayer PCB board

Three assembly method of multilayer PCB board

If you have assembly some electronic products, you will find more small, smart device to have more complex assembly methods.
Most modern multilayer PCB boards use Surface Mount Technology (SMT), through-hole components, or a combination to form a hybrid SMT-through-hole component board.

Electronic devices in our normal life become more and more complex

Most modern HDTVs, computers, Servers, CNC devices, etc use high tech multilayer PCB boards.
These multilayer PCB boards can can contain 50 layers or so of interwoven copper metal traces and fiberglass.
If you have learn some multilayer PCB board, you may know it’s were diffcult to repair multilayer PCB board.

The theory of how to repair multilayer PCB boards

If you have learned some multilayer PCB manufacturer process, you may understand this part very easy.
The copper foil traces are connected using vials and blind vials which are embedded in the PCB board itself.
The villas are built up layer by layer using additive electroplating and or electroless plating systems.
Copper metal traces and pads are etched onto the surface of the board.
Once the etching, electroplating, and cleaning processes are finished a UV curable solder mask is then applied to the substrate or PCB surface.

Top 5 common problems of repair multilayer PCB board

  • Burnt PCB Traces
  • Burnt Components
  • Burnt PCB boards
  • Micro-crystalline fractures within RoHS compliant, solder joints (common on CPU’s and GPU’s)
  • Tin whiskers and gold whiskers
  • These boards can be repaired even when damage has occurred. PCB board failure can manifest itself in many different ways. Here are just a few.
    repair multilayer PCB