4MCPCB experts explain the file and document for PCBA

The minimum request file and document for PCBA

As a professional PCBA service from China, we know most purchasers don’t know much about the file and document for PCBA.
So this paper will focus on some basic file named or document required in place PCBA order.
If you are a PCBA engineer, and have more ideas want to add, please mail to us.

Three types of file and document require for PCBA orders

Usually, 4MCPCB sales ask customers three basic types of file and document for PCBA.
One is Gerber files, it’s main file for bare PCBs.
Due to PCBA board begin with bare PCB, and the PCB traces also can affect assembly step.
Then is Centroid file, its main file for PCBA process.
We have discussed this PCBA file in a separate article, if you have an interest go back to read.
Last but not the least, it’s BOM list, a list about all PCBA components detail info.

Do you know Gerber File?

As we know Gerber file is the basic file for bare PCB.
In some words, also very important for PCBA project.
PCB experts told us that place a PCBA order, must have some neccessary layers.
Usually, most PCB Gerber file have included the layers of silkscreen, copper track and solder paste etc.

Some additional file and document of PCBA

First of all, Frank wants to clear that those additional files and document of PCBA are not required.
This means the additional file and document of PCBA may not use by most of the assemblers.
But for the best possible result, those files may help us smoothly during PCB assembly process.
The additional file includes assembly drawings, instructions and photos and so on.

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