Source PCBA component service from 4MCPCB

Why we discuss source PCB components service

This paper we are going to discuss Source PCBA component service.
PCB assembly is a complex case.
Due to we have to control many factors, the PCBA components purchase is the main factor.
Now, there were many PCBA services from China.
In other words, you can get your PCBA component from many suppliers.

Source PCBA component service, also named as a partial Turn-key PCBA service.
Because just delivery some the PCBA components in one case.
This means you can give some component to your PCBA solution company.
And as they finish the SMT process.
Or you can advise your PCBA solution company provide some of the parts.

The approval process is necessary

The source PCB component service has many benefits.
It’s can ride PCBA cost, and project turn time.

Two approval steps in source PCBA component service

First of all, we want to clear that those two approvals may not all in your PCBA component service.
It’s depend on your PCBA components and your side decision.
Usually we will ask for your approval for anything that is not sure at our side.
This is the regular approval on PCBA project.
Some time we will give you an EQ, engineer questions.
This means that reply our PCBA EQ document, you have approval us how to handle your PCBA project.

Then, if you have some components crossing or substitution, we also will again ask for your final approval.
The format of second approval step in source PCBA component service can be EQ document, mail or other methods.

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