Do you know how to handle PCBA components overage?

The reason why PCBA components should overages

This paper we are going to discuss PCBA components overages issue.
Nowadays, most PCBA operation is used SMT machine.
Due to all PCBA manufacturing process can automotive finish.
This means that you should prepare PCBA components in advance.
From rich PCBA experience, setup overages PCBA component is very important.

Overages V.S. excessive and unused PCBA components

Most time, there are two different definitions of the PCBA.
Regarding excessive and unused PCBA components, we have discussed before.
Two options of PCBA component solutions are welcome.
It’s all up to you.

The proper PCBA process requires components overages

We have mentioned the reason why we should consider PCBA components overages.
This part we are going to discuss the theory of PCBA manufacturing.
The bare PCB boards are loaded in to SMT automotive machine, at the some time the PCBA components are loaded with other side too.
And the PCBA engineers have set the right SMT way automatic.
This means if do not have overages PCBA components, the SMT machine may can not work.

An example of PCBA components overages

You know PCBA components include Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes and so on.
Most PCBA component suppliers have a MOQ.
Also consider the PCBA component overages factors, the calculate of PCBA MOQ is different from PCB’s.
Professional PCBA companies will have to exceed the required quantity of 30 pieces, compare with the minimum number.
Usually, in small prototype PCBA projects, if the assembly quantity is 40 pieces.
The MOQ is required for a minimum of 40 pieces plus 30 pieces over assembly quantity.
So the MOQ is 70 pieces.