Useful tips about the shipping and marking of PCB components

Why we discuss the shipping and marking of PCB components?

4MCPCB can provide flexible PCBA service.
It’s included Turn-key PCBA solution, partial Turn-key PCBA solution.
Special in some partial Turn-key PCBA orders, we can accept customer’s PCBA components.
To let the communication more fluent, and more effective, discuss the shipping and marking of PCB components, we want to our customers can support us.

The recommended PCBA components mark

Here we discuss the mark of PCB components.
Before shipping PCBA components, make sure that you have finish below:
1, Separate different PCBA components through individual package or box.
2, Corresponding line number on BOM.
3, Manufacturing note of the PCBA.
4, Quantities of each PCBA components.

How 4MCPCB use those marks of PCBA components?

As we say above, all our efforts are making our customer PCBA order mere smooth.
The BOM list can confirm what are PCBA components used.
A detailed packing list is preferred to enable us to count and check upon receipt of your PCBA components.
If you have any questions about shipping and marking of PCB components, please mail to us.