Top 2 way to Reduce cost sue high quality Fr-4 PCB base material

This post we are going to find a way to reduce cost use high quality Fr-4 PCB base material.
Even there were many difficulties to achieve this goal, we also want to discuss to handle this issue.

Emma thinks this is a very complex issue, we must separate many part to discuss.
The composition of PCB price
We have surveyed many 2 layer boards of composition of the PCB price from China PCB manufacturers.
To be honest, it is very hard to summarize the percent of the composition of PCB price.
So we just use the average number to discuss.

Nine compositions of 2 layer PCB board price (percent)

1. Base Material (FR4) 15 percent
2. Chemical Material 4 percent
3. Drilling Fee 9 percent
4. Plating and Finishing 35 percent
5. Photo Etching 12 percent
6. Solder mask and silk screen 12 percent
7. Testing and Shaping 3 percent
8. Managing Cost 3 percent
9. Profit 7 percent

Reduce holes of 2 layer PCB cost down

From this listing data, the main cost of 2 layer PCB board not the FR-4 PCB base material, it’s plating and finishing fee.
So the most effective way to reduce the price of 2 layer PCB board is reduce the number of the components and views.
Especially to reduce the complexity of the 2 layer PCB board.
At the end of the optimization process, the price of 2 layer PCB may reduce 10 percent or more.

Solder mask and silkscreen effective 2 layer PCB price

If you have visited a MCPCB manufacturer or assembly plant, you will find the surface finish has many types, and solder mask and silkscreen is the cheapest one option.
So if you use a cheap solder mask and silkscreen material, the price of 2 layer PCB can be reduced around 5 percent.
And if you design a 2 layer PCB board without solder mask and silkscreen will reduce the cost by around 12 percent.
Most purchase may choose the second option, due to 2 layer PCB is very simple, and there were another surface finish can instead of solder mask and silkscreen.
high quality Fr-4 PCB base material

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