Some secrets during cost of multilayer PCB board

Why we discuss the secrets of multilayer PCB board cost

There were many secrets in different industry, most of sale or boss doesn’t want their customers know that.
First of all Emma wants to clear that we all discuss factor were related the cost of multilayer PCB board, and not against anyone or PCB manufacturer profit.
We just want to let more people the truth of multilayer PCB board.

Cost breakdown of Multilayer PCB board

You know PCB base material has many types, and differ PCB base material have produce differ quality.
This list has used high quality PCB base material to produce, and all of this list number is used the average.
If you have differing data about multilayer PCB board, please feel free to contact us.

1. Base Material (FR4) 25 percent
2. Chemical Material 6 percent
3. Internal Layers 20 percent
4. Drill Fee 6 percent
5. Plating and Finishing 17 percent
6. Photo Etch 7 percent
7. Solder mask and silk screen 7 percent
8. Testing and Shaping 2 percent
9. Management Cost 3 percent
10. Profit 7 percent

There were many summary tips can discuss in this cost breakdown of multilayer PCB.

Mass production to reduce multilayer PCB cost

First of all, it’s more complex than 2 layer PCB cost breakdown.
In multilayer PCB manufacture process, plating and finish fee not the biggest part.
It’s PCB base material cost list first, and is the high cost as 25 percent.
So if you want to use high quality PCB base material to produce, you may reduce 5 percent or up to 8 percent cost in mass production cars.
Usually this way to reduce cost is harder than below ways.

Designer more simpler board can reduce multilayer PCB cost

Next is internal layers, then plating and finish coat.
So if you can design more simple multilayer PCB board, and less holes, the cost, reduce may higher than the first way.

Change silk screen material to reduce multilayer PCB cost

And the third way to reduce cost of multilayer PCB is a change solder mask.
It’s my the safest way to cost down and keep high PCB performance.
If you change more cheaper solder mask and silk screen material, the cost can be reduced by around 4%.
By the way, if you use all way above you may get most cost down.
Some secrets during cost of multilayer PCB board