Two ITAR affects the point PCB manufacture process

Why we discuss ITAR affect PCB?

Previously we have discussed ITAR PCB, most of friends ask some questions.
One of the top questions is how does ITAR affect Printed Circuit Boards.
The most important reason is that it’s related important PCB from China or others,
If you do not know the detail, you cannot purchase high quality PCB with low cost.
So 4MCPCB decided to summarize this article for you.

Not all PCB board manufactures should be ITAR restricted

There was some guy saying all PCB should be, in fact this view is wrong.
Which one PCB manufacture should be ITAR restricted?
If your products application for the defense article on the USML, and all technical data required to build PCB should be ITAE restricted.
If you have learned more, please go government introduce link:

Technical data list of the PCB manufacturing process should be ITAR restricted

If you produce use in the defence area, most of the technical data should be restricted.
But what are the exact list of technical should be restricted.
If you have read the government introduce link, you may know.
Emma has listed most to in below for your reference.
Technical data includes the fabrication drawing, artwork, sync data, net list information, customer manufacturing specification and/or ODB++ data.
ITAR affect PCB

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