The top three reasons why 4MCPCB use own PCB to assemble

PCB fabrication and PCBA service

PCBA service is very close related to the PCB fabrication service.
Not only PCBA use bare PCB board, but it’s quality depend on PCB board’s.
To ensure PCBA quality and turn time, currently 4MCPCB do not use other’s PCB to assembly at our facilities.

Why 4MCPCB do not accept board from other PCB factories?

Consider PCBA quality

We have mentioned the quality and the turn time of the PCBA.
If other PCB board were short lifetime, then the PCBA also has a very short lifetime.
Or and defects of bare PCB board, can determine PCBA performance.
Even some of the bare PCB boards are failing in testing.

Consider PCBA turn time

The second factor is the turn time of the PCBA.
You know there were many PCB factories in China.
And some of them are very distant from 4MCPCB location.
This means if you accept other PCB factories, we must speed more time to wait.
It’s much be long turn time PCBA.

Consider the smooth PCBA manufacture process

As we know PCBA have many manufacturing processes.
Even different PCBA have differing process.
This means keeping smooth and in a continuous manner is very important.
Not only reduce the PCBA turn time, but also avoid some mistakes during PCBA manufacturing.