Do you know Base Solderability V.S. Basic Wettability

Why we compression Base Solderability V.S. Basic Wettability

We have discussed Base Solderability in the previous post.
In fact, the base wettability is similar with base solderability.
It’s also a very basic definition of the flexible PCB board.
But also have some new PCB guys don’t know this basic usability.

The definition of Basic Wettability

4MCPCB experts has summarized the definition of basic usability below:
The ease with which a metal or metal alloy can be wetted by molten solder.
From this definition, you can fund the similar point.
Most important is that basic wettability can effective basic solderability.

The solution of Basic Wettability

You know, basic usability is so basically that almost none PCB quotation will include this item.
As a professional, flexible PCB manufacturer from China, we can provide 100 percent better performance basic wettability beds.
So, you don’t worry about all PCB board from us.
The Basic Wettability must can meet your new project requirement.