The basically PCBA testing procedure: Visual inspection

The reason why we discuss Visual inspection

There were many kinds of PCB testing procedure.
Visual inspection is the basically one.
Almost all PCBA factories have visual inspection procedure.
This paper will introduce this basically PCBA testing procedure visual inspection for most new guys.

The definition of visual inspection

Visual Inspection used in maintenance of facilities.
To PCBA manufacturing process, is basically testing step.
This mean inspecting the quality of PCBA and structures.
Then is the inspection method of Visual inspection.
All of raw human senses, such as vision, hearing, touch and smell.

Visual inspection is general quality check.

As a basically PCBA testing, almost all products will be through Visual inspection.
A ignore during PCBA visual inspection is that there were no pass document or certification.
This means the result of the PCBA visual inspection is depend on PCBA supplier.
Various testing method for PCBA:

  1. PCBA visual inspection
  2. X-ray inspection
  3. PCBA AOI testing
  4. PCBA ICT procedure
  5. Functional Testing Procedures