Introduce X-ray inspection during PCBA testing

Why we should use X-ray inspection during PCBA testing

There were two reasons resulting use x-ray inspection during PCB testing.
The first one is newer type components use in PCBA.
Like BGA and flip-chip devices, make PCBA become more complex.
Then is due to traditional microscope inspection have obvious shortage.
In most of solder connections to the PCBA are hidden from view.
This means you cannot use a traditional microscope for inspection.

The range of PCBA testing procedure: X-ray inspection

In fact X-ray inspection is a normal method, and used very widely.
This means the range of X-ray inspection is very widely.
But to PCBA manufacture procedure, the range is exact.
Three applications of X-ray Inspection: checks for BGAs, QFN and bare circuit boards.

X-ray inspection is important for PCBA birds

Now more and more industries have chosen PCBA board.
In some OEM and supplier of electronic subsystems in consumer electronics.
Special in automotive and aerospace can enrich its inspection process by adopting x-ray systems.
As such real-time X-ray images become more important than ever before.

Various testing method for PCBA:

  1. PCBA visual inspection
  2. X-ray inspection
  3. PCBA AOI testing
  4. PCBA ICT procedure
  5. Functional Testing Procedures