Do you know PCBA ICT(In-circuit Test)?

PCBA ICT procedure introduces

ICT is short for In-Circuit Test.
4MCPCB experts told us that ICT is an example of white box testing.
Simple say is use an electrical probe test a populated printed circuit board.
Most of PCBA factories will use an ICT mould to testing.

The items of PCBA ICT procedure

There were four testing items in ICT procedure.
And those four items are the basic factors for PCBA.
Those four ICT items are checked for shorts, opens, resistance, capacitance and other basic quantities.
Only all of them are correct, the ICT procedure result as correct.
So ICT procedure shows whether the assembly was correctly fabricated.

The theory of PCBA ICT procedure

If you have visited a PCBA factory, you may find that ICT procedure use a special mould.
And it may be performed with a bed of nails type test fixture and specialist test equipment.
Sometime also can perform with fixtureless in-circuit test setup.
Simply say ICT procedure is using special method for testing PCBA connected or not.
So all connect electronic engineer care about ICT than other testing.
Various testing method for PCBA:

  1. PCBA visual inspection
  2. X-ray inspection
  3. PCBA AOI testing
  4. PCBA ICT procedure
  5. Functional Testing Procedures