Functional Testing Procedures for PCBA

The necessary of PCBA functional testing procedure

First of all, we should know that PCBA functional testing is following customer’s test procedures.
This means that all of the test items are depending customers’ requirements.
This is a quality assurance process.
To ensure all functions is same with design.

PCBA Functional testing different with ICT

You know ICT is white box testing, and you can find the incorrect after PCBA testing.
But PCBA Functional testing is a type of black-box testing.
You may don’t know the exact error, just not as fail functional testing.

The aim of PCBA functional testing procedure

Various testing method will be applied to PCBA.
Especially before final shipment, all of PCBA testing should be finished.
The PCBA functional testing is almost last PCBA testing.
Same with the other PCBA testing, to ensure good quality of the PCBA.
The PCBA functional testing is bases its test cases on the specifications of the software component under test.

Various testing method for PCBA:

  1. PCBA visual inspection
  2. X-ray inspection
  3. PCBA AOI testing
  4. PCBA ICT procedure
  5. Functional Testing Procedures