The PCBA testing procedure: AOI testing introduces

AOI testing is a normal method for electronic industry.
In PCB manufacturing and PCA assembly process, also have to AOI testing procedure.

Top three items of AOI testing procedure

AOI testing: Missing componet checking

First of all, Frank has to clear that different testing items in PCBA with PCB manufacture.
Here we discuss will be focus on PCBA AOI testing.
The first AOI testing item is checked for missing components.
In fact, also check for offset, incorrect part, polarity.
This part item of AOI testing is well known by most people.

AOI testing: solder paste checking

Then is checks solder paste.
This part check item of AOI testing is well known by most operators.
Because solder paste is the normal issue for the most PCBA board.

AOI testing: 0201 components checking

Last but not least, checks for 0201 components.
Checks component down to 0201.
This is very professional AOI testing item, most new operator doesn’t know it.
Continuing miniaturization of components and increasing complexity of the boards is driving the need for PCB AOI Testing.
Various testing method for PCBA:

  1. PCBA visual inspection
  2. X-ray inspection
  3. PCBA AOI testing
  4. PCBA ICT procedure
  5. Functional Testing Procedures