4MCPCB expert introduce Repair & Rework for PCBA

The difficulty of repair & rework for PCBA

If you have visited PCBA factory, you may find a few of them have repaired & rework procedure.
One reason is that the cost of repair & rework is very expensive.
Even repair & rework procedure finish, the quality of PCBA may effect.
Then is PCBA have complex structure and the repair & rework procedure for PCBA is more complex.

How to repair & rework for PCBA?

This part is focused on the operate procedure of PCBA repair & rework.
BGA Reballing service, the most complex repair & rework difficult for PCBA.
Our rich PCBA experience engineer can safely remove the misplace BGA reveal it.
Then we can put it back on the PCB correctly.
That is the example of repair & rework for PCBA.
If you have any other question about repair & rework for PCBA, please mail to us.

PCBA repair & rework service from 4MCPCB

4MCPCB provide cost-effective PCBA repair & rework service.
Two more custom PCBA is 4MCPCB goal.
We want to more electronic engineers obtain high quality PCBA board.
So we determine provide PCBA repair & rework service for our PCB fabricate customers.
Repair and rework can be difficult, but we do.