How PCB Board type and Shape effect to PCBA?

PCB board type and its shape

PCB have various board types, some of them are well know PCB board type, and the rest may not.
For example, to most PCBA engineers choose rigid PCB board.
That is the reason why PCBA companies handle rigid PCB board mostly.
And few of them use flex or rigid-flex PCB board to assemble.

Why mostly PCBA plant handles rigid PCB?

Nowadays, electronic device becomes more and more smart and smaller.
Most of those projects were using the new assembly method.
In traditional PCB assembly area, most PCBA plants handle rigid PCB.
Because most of flex or rigid-flex PCB board have a more complex assembly design.
And the rigid PCB can assembly more smoothly.
Then the shipment also has more complex if use, flexible PCB assembly.

If you have some flexibility or rigid-flex PCB board has to assembly, please contact 4MCPCB.
As we have the ability to handle flex and rigid-flex boards.
This means we can provide flexible PCB assembly and rigid-flexible PCB assembly for our customers.

How Board Shape effect to PCBA?

As we know there were many PCB shapes, like rectangular, circular and odd shapes.
The Rectangular is the most easy assembly, PCB board shape.
Besides rectangular PCB board, we need panelled the boards in an array.
Then break-away rails on the two longer paralleled edges of the panelled board to ensure that the board can be an assembly of the machine.
So, the board shape can effect to PCBA process, but not the determined factor.