You should know Purchase High Quality PCB guideline

Why we should discuss Purchase High Quality PCB guideline?

Now we have used more and more smart devices, like phone, tablet, and so on.
Most important is that those electronic smart devices price become cheaper than before.
This situation require smaller and more layers PCB, we also named multilayer PCB board.
Due to most consumer electronic company turns down the product prices, and most want to purchase high quality PCB with cheap price.
This article will give some ideas Purchase High Quality PCB guideline.

Top TWO factors related PCB price

With the global economic downturn, every country has felt heavy cost pressure.
Especially some PCB manufacturers from China, also affected by this downturn.
Some of them have chosen more cheap PCB material, and some of have to layoffs.
But above not Emma wants to discuss, I just want to compare our 4MCPCB solution for this situation.
First of all we never change cheap PCB material, due to different material have differing quality.
4MCPCB always deliver our customer high quality PCB board.
And second, we have optimized our organization and PCB manufacture process.
To cast down the prices of most boards.

Do you want FREE LUNCH when purchase PCB process?

Above we have mentioned some of PCB manufacture may change material to cost down PCB price.
If you just chose a more cheap price material to produce, you may get troubles during PCB assembly process.
In fact rich experience manufacturer cost down will depend on analytics each material reliability, performance, lifetime and so on.
Not only analytics each PCB material, also compare material of solder mask or differ manufacture process.
So if you do not want to free lunch when a purchase PCB process, please ask your PCB supplier those testing reports.

How many percent can cost down during purchase?

There were many guys feel doubt when read this title.
Yes, most of the time it’s against our common sense, and most of our products can not cast down when during purchase process.
But you know PCB board is so special, during purchase process we can change shipment or packing, even change payment way.
From Emma experience, the prices of MCPCB can be reduced by 10 percent to 50 percent.

Consider the assembly cost when purchase PCB process

You may know some friends buy some very cheap PCB board, and just compared PCB price is very cheap.
But if you compare the total project cost, your friends project cost may expend your.
Why cheap PCB cost has so expensive project cost?
The reason is the cheap PCB board must assembly some special components to meet, and workers also must more careful.
This mean assembly process cost increase and project total cost also increase much more.
Purchase High Quality PCB guideline

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