How to purchase high quality PCBA from China?

The reason why 4MCPCB discuss a PCBA China topic

This paper, we will discusses the detail PCBA process in China.
Due to the low cost, more and more startups want to choose a China PCBA supplier.
Then some of our customers want to how to purchasing high quality PCBA from China.

The preparing of PCBA china is very important

Most of the PCBA manufacturers in China can provide PCBA service.
The biggest benefit is a one-stop PCBA solution from 4MCPCB.
Here is four steps for most PCBA China factories.
The aim of preparing is ensure all PCB or component quality.
Some small PCBA companies may do not have this preparing step for PCBA order.
1 – Final design files and PCB manufacturing
2 – PCB Parts procurement (for turnkey orders)
3 – Parts receipt
4 – Parts verification & kit preparation

The detail SMD process of PCBA China

Then is the key technology for PCBA board.
You know the SMD is the main step, and most of plant uses an automotive machine to finish.
This process contains four steps, here is the detail SMD process list:
5 – SMD machine programming
6 – Paste stencil fabrication
7 – SMD machine setup
8 – SMD verification of Electronics parts footprint against PCB (examined for oxidation, discoloration, damage, contamination, and flatness)

The solder reflow process for PCBA China

You may know PCBA have solder reflow process.
If you have visited PCBA factory, some big plants due to assembly by automotive machine, you can not see solder reflow step.
Here we have listed six steps related to solder re low process.
9 – Assemble top side (part placement and alignment are examined prior to solder reflow)
10 – Internal first off approved for top side 11 – Assemble PCB bottom side
12 – Internal first off approved for bottom side of PCB
13 – Hand &/or thru-hole assembly (wave solder if applicable)
14 – Touch-up

The final test process for PCBA China

Last but not the least, the final test process is the key factor for PCBA quality.
We have discussed PCBA test in a series article.
If you want to learn more, please go back to read The basically PCBA testing procedure: Visual inspection.
15 – Final PCB QC & shipment

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