How to judge an automotive PCBA supplier?

The reason why we discuss automoitve PCBA supplier

In this paper, we will discuss the factors related automotive PCBA supplier choose.
In most experience automotive PCBA purchases, there were many tips to help measure a good automotive PCBA supplier.
Our rich PCBA experts told us that these tips have to summary long list, maybe have more than one dundred point.
So we want to summarize four parts of the automotive PCBA supplier.

The design ability of automotive PCBA supplier

Most of small automotive PCBA plants or trade companies do not have own design ability.
This means if you choose an automotive PCBA supplier can not design by their self, almost it’s a small PCBA supplier.
Even the ability of the automotive PCBA supplier not the most necessary factor, but it’s really an additional advantage.
The automotive PCBA supplier can help customers, check the PCBA design file while it’s having design ability.

The sourcing ability of automotive PCBA supplier

The sourcing ability means two points.
First is the PCB fabricate source. Most of PCBA supplier does not have its own PCB factory, and sourcing from other PCB companies.
Then is the component sourcing ability of automotive PCBA supplier.
If you choose strong sourcing ability automotive PCBA supplier, mean way you can get short PCBA delivery time.

The production ability of automotive PCBA supplier

The production ability is the main advantage for the automotive PCBA supplier.
It’s depend on many factors, likes the assembly operator, the equipment, and so on.
Most of time, the production ability or the capabilities of the automotive PCBS supplier can write in presentations.
By the way, the trade companies may have many advanced automotive PCBA capabilities.

Because they can outsource to other companies.

The logistics ability of automotive PCBA supplier

It’s an effective factor, but not the main factor to choose an automotive PCBA supplier.
Due to most of PCBA factory have cooperate logistics companies, and just the shipment cost or delivery time is different.
The PCBA delivery time also related the design ability, the sourcing ability and the production ability of the automotive PCBA supplier.
So most of the time chooses a PCBA supplier combine above four factors, but not consider one or two factors.

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