You shoulk know the trend of China automotive PCBA factory

Why we discuss China automotive PCBA factory?

Now more and more young people want to own one car, especially in China city.
This will be a great challenge as vehicles become more automated, self driving.
So the demand of automotive PCB assembly have increased, or in other words China automotive PCBA factory has more demands.
That’s the reason why our PCBA experts want to share more and more automotive PCBA factory technology.

PCBA design in China automotive factory

Most of small PCBA factories do not have an own design department.
This means most of small PCBA factories outsourcing PCBA design.
If you have visited the PCBA design company, you will know the PCBA design in the automotive, electronics, often carrying power device substrate and circuit substrate using separate settings.
In other words, the PCBA design is very professional process.

The Trend of automotive PCBA factory

Usually an automotive PCBA factory is a professional PCB expert.
Some of PCBA boards are using a ceramic PCB board, and can carry high power devices.
That’s the reason why high end automotive PCBA board uses ceramic PCB.
But you should notice that to production ceramic PCB for automotive electronic have more difficult to achieve.