The advanatge of China automotive PCBA production

In this paper, we will discuss the advantage of China automotive PCB production.
We have discussed automotive PCBA manufacturer effective factor.
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The Utilities costs of China automotive PCBA production

Due to the high speed of economy development, the utilities cost of China location has decreased than before, even lower than some developed country city.
In other words, developed countries’s automotive PCB assembly production utilities costs are higher than China.
Two typically points in China have an advantage.
One is customs effective, and another point is logistics support.
If you have ordered PCBA oversea, you will find that those two factors can effective PCBA delivery time.

The manual labor is the biggest China automotive PCBA production advantage

We have introduced three common sense of automotive PCB market 2017, if you want more PCB technology, please go back to reading.
Similar PCB is developing, the PCBA production also has to consider the manual labor factor.
This is the biggest advantage of China automotive PCBA production.
Because a PCBA with virtually no manual labor content may be more cost effectively built on the China.
That’s the reason why so many customers ask and trust 4MCPCB service.