Why should you choose a China automotive PCBA supplier?

The reason why we discuss China automotive PCBA supplier

We have discussed automotive PCBA manufacturer in US.
There were some customers ask questions about China automotive PCBA supplier.
So this paper, we are going to focus on compare China automotive PCBA supplier with Mexico’s.
Then we will give you the reason why so many big brands choose China automotive PCBA supplier.

Two kind automotive PCBA types in Mexico

If you have noticed the economy, developing in Mexico, you will find some of the industry have fast developed.
The automotive PCBA service industry is the typically one.
4MCPCB experts want to introduce two kinds of automotive PCBA service in Mexico.
The first one is most of this service with manual labor content less than 18 percent.
And the second is those do not need additional manual electronics assembly activities.
This doesn’t mean those automotive PCBA services through automotive, but the cost of labor higher than China.
To be honest, those automotive PCBA suppliers in Mexico have advantages when compare with those developed countries.

The advantage of China automotive PCBA supplier

We have introduce Three common sense of Automotive PCB market 2017.
Similar to automotive PCB market, the China automotive PCBA market also has many advantages.
It’s an ideal mix of advantaged for its medium-to-high volume customer base.
The reasonable labor cost is the first reason for that.
Then, due to automotive PCBA equipment have make most PCBA case delivery time more short.
Most important is that the quality from China automotive PCBA supplier become better.
Even some of the big China automotive PCBA suppliers have built its own PCBA brand.