The requirement and service of automotive PCBA manufacturer

Why we discuss the automotive PCBA manufacturer?

We have discussed automotive PCB market, if you want to learn detail, please go to Three common sense of Automotive PCB market 2017.
This paper, we will go to a related definition, automotive pcba manufacturer.
Most of the time we discuss automotive PCB board, with the electronic vehicle developing, the demand of automotive PCBA have increased.
In other words, the automotive PCBA manufacturer will be more and more popular.

The requirement of automotive PCBA manufacturer

Some time to discuss the automotive PCBA manufacturer related to many factors.
And some of the factors can not effective customer PCBA board quality.
So we will from the automotive industry to discuss the automotive PCBA manufacturer.
From our automotive PCBA experts’ experience, all manufacturers must meet three features.

The first one is the automotive PCBA board must have long life time.
Usually a car can drive at least one decade or more.
If the automotive PCBA board can not meet so long lifetime, the car may occur accidentally.
Then is the high reliability, special at a highly competitive rate.
More and more electronic vehicle means the price can be decreased.
Meantime, the automotive PCBA board is special application, must list the secret at first place.

The service of automotive PCBA manufacturer

To all automotive PCBA, TS 16949 certification is an important factor.
If you want to learn more, please go to TS 16949 Automotive PCB Standard Application.
So on this word, only those have ts 16949 automotive PCBA manufacturer can provide professional PCB board.
There were a large of automotive PCBA manufacturer in China.
But not each one automotive PCBA manufacturer can meet small to large volume PCBA board, even automotive electronic manufacturing service and manufacturers.
The requirement and service of automotive PCBA manufacturer
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