The Note of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Capabilities

Advanced Printed Circuit Board Assembly capabilities

You know there were many PCB companies in China.
Some of them are depending on inexpensive way.
If you place a visit those inexpensive PCBA plants, you will find those are small or trade companies.
4MCPCB also can provide low cost PCBA board, but we have state-of-the-art assembly equipments.
Then we have rich PCBA engineers to ensure meet your requirement.
In other word, we can provide advanced PCBA capabilities.

Updating Printed Circuit Board Assembly capability

The advanced PCBA capabilities ensure meet customer PCBA projects.
More and more electronics have become smaller and smarter.
This means traditional PCBA assembly equipment may not suit new electronic product assembly.
To meet some new PCB assembly requirement, we are updating PCBA capabilities.
In one word, 4MCPCB will updating our equipment constantly to keep us on the cutting edge.