Automotive PBCA prototype service from China

Why we discuss automotive PBCA prototype service from China?

We have discussed automotive PCB assembly.
In this paper, we will discuss automotive PCBA prototypes.
There were more and more electronic vehicle, and more automotive plants choose PCBA prototypes from China.
Then some of the engineers from startup companies don’t know much automotive PCBA prototype technology.
So you can read this automotive PCBA prototype service from China as beginning guideline.

Two basic requirements of automotive PCBA prototypes

All automotive PCBA prototypes must meet uniformity of components when an electronic assembly.
Due to automotive electronics must worked during high speed situation, it’s requirement automotive PCBA prototypes uniformity.
Then also require proper placement of components.
Those above two is a basic requirement of automotive PCBA prototypes.

The reliability of automotive PCBA prototypes

Automotive PCBA prototypes have many requirements, and the reliability is the most important one.
This means the design of automotive PCBA prototypes must consider professional, industrial equipment and life support systems.
And the life support systems are the most important extension of automotive PCBA prototypes.
Because all automotive PCBA prototypes require no tolerance for downtime or failure of technology.
To guarantee performance and working is crucial.

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