The heater flexible PCB manufacturer

Why 4MCPCB experts discuss the heater flexible PCB manufacturer

If you have know the history of heater product, you may now do not use flexible PCBs before 2006.
With the technical developing, there were many good heater have used flexible PCB right now.
So this post will discuss the heater flexible PCB manufacturer.

The reason why heater needs flexible PCB

We have mentioned that heater have not used flexible PCB before 2006.
During that year Vulcan Electronic Company purchases Flex Technology Inc., become the important flexible PCB manufacturer.
And also due to that acquired process, combining a core capability in heaters with an expansion into flexible circuits.
In other words, the Vulcan Electronic Company is the main reason to use, flexible PCB in heater application.

The latest news of Flex Technology Inc

You know the flexible PCB manufacturing and heaters use similar process technology.
That’s the reason why Vulcan interest acquires flexible PCB manufacturer.
Now the flexible factory has shut down in New Hampshire.
So the flexible circuit business was run as a separate division.
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The heater flexible PCB manufacturer

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