PCBA is the most important part in electronic trade

Do you know the history of PCBA?

PCBA is short for Printed Circuit Board Assembly.
First of all we should know the history of PCB Board.
PCB is invented by Paul Eisler in 1936, then used in commercial purpose after 12 years.
This time the use of PCB board were not so widely, until 1950s have become more popular.
And more companies provide PCBA service, include many kinds of PCB substrate.
Such as a single layer PCB, double layer PCB, Metal Core PCB, etc.

The reason why PCBA become global sales

Now there were many PCB manufacturers provide PCBA service.
Most of PCB companies want to provide PCBA global sales to grow their factories and companies.
Then consider PCBA cost, more startups want to turnkey solution.
The PCBA global sales can meet most startup requirements.

PCBA is the most important part in electronic trade

PCBA global sales are very professional service, and not each of China PCB manufacturers can provide.
Even in electronic industry, PCBA also as complex and hard service.
4MCPCB experts told us that the PCBA service is made up of SMT and DIP process.
Then we discuss the PCBA output value and electronic industry’s.
The output value of PCBA industry in the world makes up about one-third of the total output value of electronic industry.
So, according to the output value, we can know that PCBA is the most important part in electronic trade.